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Straight Forward Interventions for Fairness, Inclusion, and Diversity

"Diversity is being invited to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance. However, belonging is dancing like no one's watching".

Verna Myers, a noted inclusion strategist and cultural innovator.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices are critical to business productivity and success. Harnessing the skills and expertise of all team members, regardless of their backgrounds or personal characteristics, makes absolute sense. However, creating a work environment where people can contribute freely, or dance like no one's watching, requires thoughtful and intentional effort.

A significant number of our South West clients are reviewing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) best practices to harness the benefits of inclusion. This surge in attention has propelled our DEI course to the top spot for 2023, and if current trends continue, it is likely to maintain this leading position in 2024 as well.

Below, we have completed a snapshot summary of best practice feedback from the 'Inclusion at Work Panel' 2024, and created simple actions to help you boost fairness, inclusion, and diversity within your workplace

Findings of the Inclusion at Work Panel, 2024:

Focus on Evidence-Based Practices
The panel emphasized the need for DEI interventions that are rooted in research with proven efficacy.

Addressing Bias and Promoting Fairness: 
The panel highlighted the need to address unconscious bias and to ensure staff have regular bias training.

Leadership Commitment and Accountability: 
The panel argued the need for business leader accountability and the inclusion of performance metrics within KPIs.

Integrating DEI into Business Strategy: 
The panel also recommended moving away from the concept of DEI as an HR responsibility and embedding it directly into core business strategy.

Improving Workplace Culture: 
The panel emphasised the need to create a culture in which respect and collaboration shape an inclusive environment in which everyone feels valued.

Suggested actions from the Training South West Team:

Action 1 - Keep up to date with research and whitepapers on this topic and adopt approaches that demonstrate a positive impact on attitudes, behaviours, and outcomes.

Action 2 - Ensure bias is included at the outset of your training courses. Our unconscious notions profoundly shape our behaviour, making it essential that participants recognise their personal drivers.

Action 3 - When setting DEI strategy, agree on accountability and performance metrics at the outset. Failure to do so risks a tick-box exercise with little staff engagement or organisational change.

Action 4 - Move away from treating DEI as a standalone topic and weave it into business strategy at all essential points,  by ensuring relevance across areas such as recruitment, brand reputation, and customer feedback.

Action 5 - Attrition, retention, staff climate surveys and other measures will all help identify the extent to which the organisation is inclusive. Does everyone feel valued and able to contribute without barriers?

By embedding your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, you'll be better placed to foster innovative, creative and engaged teams, in which diverse perspectives and approaches are valued and harnessed. If this alone isn't enough, then consider the business bottom line, which will benefit from increased employee morale, higher retention rates, reduced attrition, brand reputation and increased customer engagement. 

Training South West stands out as the premier DEI trainers across the region. Whether your business is in Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, or Devon, our tailored programs are conducted on-site with meticulous follow-up, ensuring that the learning benefits are not just acquired but also effectively implemented.

Contact us and arrange a chat with a team member to learn more. 

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