Managing Difficult Conversations

Our 'Managing Difficult Conversations' training courses are tailored to meet the unique needs of our diverse clients. Whether it's onsite, or a live, interactive webinar, you can rest assured that our expert trainers will equip your team with the skills needed to manage the most difficult of conversations.

Aims of the course

Navigating challenging conversations is a vital asset in any professional setting. Our course is meticulously designed to equip participants with the fundamental principles and practical expertise needed to approach difficult discussions confidently and with poise. Delve into critical subjects such as the spiral of conflict,  emotional triggers, the power of language, assertiveness and anger.

Join us and unlock invaluable techniques and strategies to defuse tension, foster trust, nurture constructive dialogue and drive positive outcomes. 

Who will benefit from attending?

This training is valuable for anyone who needs to navigate difficult discussions, maintain positive relationships, and achieve productive outcomes in the workplace. It is aimed at managers and leaders, HR professionals, customer service staff and debt collection staff.

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Participants will learn to:

  • Prepare effectively for difficult conversations
  • Leave assumptions at the door
  • Communicate effectively, confidently and clearly
  • Elicit the needs of the other person in the conversation
  • Build trust and influence outcomes
  • Avoid an escalation of issues
  • Use an approach that drives positive outcomes

Key topics covered:

  • Understand the nature of difficult conversations
  • Explore the spiral of anger and frustration and look at techniques to de-escalate and reverse the situation.
  • Explore the role of ‘self’ in any interaction and our personal impacts on people who might be upset or angry
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills to manage one's own emotions and reactions during challenging conversations.
  • Explore techniques for remaining calm, composed, and empathetic.
  • Plan and manage difficult conversations effectively
  • Learn communication techniques, such as active listening and questioning, to express thoughts, concerns, and feedback clearly and assertively.
  • Explore approaches to identify and meet an individual’s needs
  • Explore techniques for building trust and rapport with others, even in challenging circumstances.
  • Use assertiveness to respond to difficult situations – saying no; disagreeing and negotiating
  • Identify common responses to difficult conversations, such as defensiveness or avoidance, and learn strategies for managing resistance effectively.
  • Responding to difficult messages on social media

What's included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in-house.

Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £1,400 excluding VAT. This fee includes: 

  • Pre-training diagnostic meetings with clients to determine training needs and priorities
  • Training development and customisation 
  • Pre-training evaluations
  • Full-day onsite training 
  • Training delivery to circa 20 people
  • Trainer travel expenses and travel time 
  • Post-training evaluations and report 
  • Materials
  • Certificates 
  • Follow up 

For groups of 20 people, this fee is equivalent to an individual investment of £70 per head. 

Our South West training teams cover Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Wiltshire. Whether you're in Exeter, Bath, Bristol, Taunton, or Salisbury, we have expert trainers are at the ready to deliver high-impact training to your staff. 

Contact us to discuss further. 

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