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It’s not just a beautiful place, Dorset has some of the best companies to work for in the UK!

There’s a good reason why our training company is headquartered in Dorset – and that is, that along with other parts of the South West, we believe that Dorset is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

A vibrant county with entrepreneurs, multinationals and small family businesses bustling together against the backdrop of a stunning landscape, it’s fair to say that Dorset is the place to be!

Adding to the many reasons to celebrate Dorset, is research carried out the by the Indeed Job Search website, which has ranked a number of Dorset companies in the top ten list of best companies to work in the UK. 

Let's look at who the companies are and why the managed to make it in the top ten list: 

Ranking at number 3 is Agincare, a care provider based in Portland.

Agnicare has been praised for providing a culture of work life balance and supportive management. Starting life as a single care home in Weymouth in 1986, Agnicare now boasts 3,500 staff in over 50 locations.

Ranking at number 5 is Lush, a cosmetics company based in Poole.

Known for its commitment to animal welfare and its strong stance against animal testing, the company is now a common feature in most UK high streets. Starting life in 1995, Lush has grown both nationally and internationally. It now has over 12,000 staff based in over 450 shops and 900 outlets globally.

Lush was praised for putting the welfare of staff at the heart of its business. Parental leave was not only encouraged, but doubled, childcare allowances were paid to staff returning to work from maternity leave and wages were brought in line with the Living Wage. This increase resulted in over 1,000 workers in Poole receiving a financial increase of just over £2,000.

Coming at number 7 and number ten respectively, were the larger multinationals Barclays and JP Morgan.

Barclays employs over 1,000 staff in Poole, while JP Morgan employs over 4,000 staff in Bournemouth.

UK Managing Director for Indeed, reported that reviews posted by employees put considerable value on areas such as work life balance, employee support and a positive work culture.

A positive work culture is essential to retaining staff, driving productivity, ensuring morale and driving teamwork. It also reduces key areas such as sickness leave, time off work and failure to meet targets.Training and development and a visible commitment to helping staff ‘grow’ are essential ingredients to creating a positive work culture. A commitment to training demonstrates an investment in staff and provides a fulfilling framework in which staff can develop new skills and feel a sense of achievement.The cycle of training and the application of new skills and know how back into the workplace allows staff to feel that they are gaining something of value back from their role – in essence, that they are personally benefiting from being the role incumbent.

The research carried out by Indeed is great news for Dorset businesses and demonstrates the reason why Dorset has seen an increase in people of working age relocating to the county.

Training South West provide business relevant training courses to South West based businesses. Whether you are in Devon, Cornwall , Dorset  Somerset or Wiltshire, we have courses and trainers to help grow your staff and business.

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