Presenting and Speaking with Confidence

Our 'Presenting and Speaking with Confidence' training course, can be delivered face to face, via live webinar,or as an eLearning module.Contact the Training South West team to discuss further.

Aims of the course

This course will equip participants with the skills and techniques needed to deliver quality presentations, with clarity and with confidence.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone needing to improve their speaking and presentation skills whether for small or large audiences.

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Participants will learn to:

  • Present and speak spontaneously
  • Adjust to the audience
  • Speak confidently
  • Know the importance of
  • ABCD Technique
  • Use visual aids effectively

Key topics covered:

  • Spontaneous speech – short filmed exercise with light feedback
  • How does an audience listen?
  • Presentation advice for making an impact
  • Confidence Exercises – finding your optimal emotional state
  • Structuring your talk – Attention, Benefit, Credibility & Direction – ABCD
  • Slides or no slides? When visual aids add and when they do not
  • How to prepare for success
  • Practice session with video and active feedback

What's included?

The majority of our courses are customised and delivered in-house.

Our standard fee for customised course delivery over the duration of a day is £1,400 excluding VAT. This fee includes:

Pre-training diagnostic meetings with clients to determine training needs and priorities
Training development and customisation
Pre-training evaluations
Full-day onsite training
Training delivery to circa 20 people
Trainer travel expenses and travel time
Post-training evaluations and report
Follow up

For groups of 20 people, this fee is equivalent to an individual investment of £70 per head.

Our South West training teams cover Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Wiltshire. Whether you're in Exeter, Bath, Bristol, Taunton or Salisbury, we have experts trainers at the ready to deliver high impact training to your staff. 

Contact us to discuss further. 

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